Even though it was out of warranty, they still helped me troubleshoot and found the issue to be a faulty controller. To show information about disks: Get hp hp msa sas controller hp storageworks p g3 fc and fciscsi msa controller firmware release notes , february This has flagged up that and s is down on one of our hp msa p g3 boxes on both controllers. Root Loop 1 7 Just wanted to thank you for sharing this, it helped us today. It has only one controller in it and there is no light ON on the controller.

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Anyone knows anything about it? Hp p systems, refer to the hp p g3 user guide to map.

Hp p g3 msa system cli reference guide hp p g3 msa system event descriptions reference guide you can find these documents from the manuals page of the hp business support center website. Hp storageworks msa storage p g3 fc system name. Your email address will not be published. A final ;2000 was done by powering off everything and powering it back up again as it should be from a cold start.

For your machine to see the msa as a device, you need to install a driver, there is a copy of the drivers on the cd that came with the device. This guide provides information for setting up, con. The link provided for the usb serial driver is for windows and server os.


HP MSA P G3 – View live performance statistics in CLI | Everything IT

Suddenly it got stopped and no amber no light. Root Loop 1 7 I could not find any command for showing such information. Hot plugging controller A back in at this stage with the device powered on resulted in both controllers reporting a healthy status and all the disks and hardware being detected. For more information on msa70 firmware compatibility with different p g3 array firmware versions, see the quickspecs for the msa70 or p g3, or see the hp 70 modular smart array enclosure firmware release notes.

HP : Configuring MSA P G3 SAN through CLI |

Hp p g3 msa system event descriptions reference guide Can you provide me the default ipaddr of the msa controllers, i cant login neither with the serial cable.

Lastly, I powered it all off again, removed controller A completely, then powered up the device with just Controller B installed.

How to configure p g3 msa on rhel 6 hewlett packard. Removing one then booting up with this seemed to solve the problem, and at the end of the day all hardware was indeed healthy. Thanks for leaving some feedback. Sign up dli log in Sign up using Google.

Powering down the unit once more, removing and reseating both controllers did not help either. The usb driver on com3 port is properly installed with bit speed per second. Hi Sean, Just adding my thanks. Accessing the cli o2000 cli software embedded in the controller modules enables you to manage and monitor storagesystem operation.


I need to see the entire SAN storage usage, like free space, used space, raw space Post as a guest Name. Seen a few apparent lockups caused by firmware updates controllers can copy between themselves. This firmware can be installed from any computer running a supported windows operating system with an ethernet connection to the hp p g3 msa storage array.

Setting up a new hp p fli fc msa with dual controllers over the last couple of days for a small c,i environment, i ran into issues from the word go. Hp p g3 msa system software computer data storage.

HP P2000 G3 Cli Reference Manual: Show Configuration

Telnet or ssh if unable to login to an hp storageworks p Hp msa series configuration guide virtualizetips. Step 5 allows you to specify system name, contact and location of the storage device. Hp p g3 fciscsi msa system user guidejuly. Sign up using Facebook.

On the very first boot we noticed a fault amber LED on the front panel.