Shutter lag should not be a problem, even when shooting rapidly unfolding action or trying to keep up with infants, toddlers, and eight year old daredevil skateboarders. Above the viewfinder is a tiny LED lamp that lights to indicate camera focus or flash status. With the Kodak EasyShare V, we found that it had enough resolution to make very crisp 8×10 inch prints. As you can see, the V fits right in the middle of the pack in terms of size and weight. White indicates that the camera is still assessing the image file.

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Kodak EasyShare V550 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Fortunately the auto white balance is nearly always correct. The distortion test shows very mild barrel distortion at the wide end of the lens, and no signs of vignetting dark corners or blurring. I suppose you could throw the EasyShare ONE into easyshre mix, but it still not shipped as of this writing, and it’s going to be on the expensive side. Choices are x or x pixels.

Pictures were well-exposed, with saturated colors maybe a little too saturated at times and low noise and purple fringing levels. On the other kodaak of the camera you’ll find a switch for moving between normal shooting and favorites mode.

Overall color is a bit dark and yellow here, making the blue flowers very dark and purplish.

If on, the camera displays the shaking hand icon during quickview, with a range of colors to indicate the level of blur. The V is a little smaller, as well.


Above the thumb rest is the Zoom rocker button, controlling optical and digital zoom. The only thing to see on this side of the V is the DC-in port which is where you’ll plug in the included AC adapter. Most users of the EasyShare V will not edit their photos to a great extend but will just print them straight away.

Directly left of the SCN Mode button, this button enables Portrait mode, which sets up the camera for capturing good-looking portraits. Kodak Easy Share V – Recording movies Current digital cameras are not only used for photographing but also for recording movies. Kodak claims the V has enough juice for exposures full-time LCD use but based on my experiences with the camera, that number is insanely optimistic — the best I could do was 79 images before the battery went belly up.

A useful trick easyzhare to just prop the camera on a convenient surface, and use its self-timer to release the shutter.

The viewfinder is fairly small, and its location takes some getting used to. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Movies can be recorded at x or x pixels, at 30 frames-per-second. The colours can eventually be adjusted but natural colour already provides a good tone. This compact battery packs a measly 2.

A lower resolution x 30 fps mode is also available for longer recording times. Check out our free Photo School area! Once again Kodak has delivered a camera without a redeye problem. The Kodak V had a little trouble with the deliberately harsh lighting in the test above, producing very high contrast with washed-out highlights and deep shadows. Visit our network of sites: There are many choices available, including the two 4 x 6 inch per page print layout you see above.


Given the short run time with the LCD enabled, you should definitely consider purchasing a second battery to pack along on extended outings.

Kodak EasyShare V Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Or to firstly record an overview and that zoom into some details. To see the full set of our test images, with explanations eashshare what to look for in them, see the Kodak V Sample Pictures page.

At the telephoto end, the V’s 0. You can also charge the battery while it’s in the exsyshare by using the included AC adapter. The available scenes appear at the bottom of the LCD display upon entering the mode, and the Multi-Controller selects the scene.

Kodak EasyShare V550

The up and down controls also adjust the monitor display and focus modes, respectively. No starter card is included, but Kodak did build-in 32MB of internal memory, which is nice. The LCD is viewable kodakk bright outdoor light and in dim light as well.