I’m surprised Puppy didn’t work out. Have a look here http: Download ATI driver, follow the instuctions at [1]. I’ll send you the. The modem query also fails due to the same.

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Introduction of FAQ about scanning of FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series.

Have you enabled all your extra repositories? They are not on Dapper CD-Rom!!

Realistically, even with a fujltsu driver working at v. I was also working basically along the same lines. Will try the apt-get method too. I’ll post about the results.

VIETPAY – Fujitsu Vietnam

So in regards to: I installed the linuxant drivers and entered my dialup information. There are a couple warnings i do not know about.

Does the modprobe work? Also download and install the ungrab-winmodem from the http: Any other ideas on how to fix this or where i can smarrtlink to look.

I have another question. So what do I have to do to get my modem to work again if I update to a newer kernel when it becomes available in the repository? Using method B for the conexant modem I get the following errors. If we can keep this thread alive until the howto works it will be great. I also notice that there are never more than a few kilobyts sent. It seems as if they only have the free slow driver from Linuxant. Right click or double click the result named “javascript.


If not, your modem may not be supported.

Now you have to do the following to compile and install the configuration files and modules for your kernel version. This might be a harder way around, but it seems to me that you could download the.

I’m a German Thats my modem: We absolutely want to focus our creativity and human resource on specific service to satisfy users. My modem is also smartlink so I’ll probably meet this problem in the future if I upgrade.

This is the ideal way. OK–the only problem I seem to have now is a permissions one–as far as the PCI smartlink–it works fine–the patches are as above post–I removed the offending line in the fjuitsu I was able to get rid of the cosmetic problems due to deprecated functions, etc. Granted, only “official” for the n model, but when looking into the chipset on either model and nwe find it’s the same D chipset.


Below you will find two different methods for installing the open source drivers that run at the full 56k and this should work in Ubuntu Dapper and other versions, but I have only tested in Dapper Kubuntu.

Xp identifies the modem as Agere Systems and works on dial up no problems. Hi, Please tell us what you did and is your working in Edgy? Hve you tried pon and poff smadtlink WVdial? If you’re running out of options with Xubuntu, you may want to consider trying out Puppy Linux 4. Hope this makes life more bearable if you are a dialup user. Source module is not required at all.