Dual-channel architecture is a technology embraced by motherboard manufacturers and does not apply to memory modules. The notebook has above average sound and it is very pleasant to listen to music or watch a DVD. But under the skin there are some surprises – no, make that real surprises – that make it an ideal system for the home. That is the flex mode, but the controller must support it don’t know for this Amilo. It may not be thrilling, but the Amilo Xi is a decent laptop. The rather attractive price gets you an excellent T processor with 2.

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The Xi however has a much larger fan that runs at lower speeds and causes much less sound. The pictures that I took do not show the beauty of the screen.

I want to prove that gaming on this notebook at native resolution with the latest games is possible. All notebooks of FSC always come with 1 year pick-up and return warranty standard configuration. A mid-range T mobile processor from Intel provides the power. The remote control works great and it small enough to fit in the Express card slot view large image.

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo X Series – External Reviews

If you insert a 2GB module with a mb one you will lose the DDR capacity and the computer will run slower than it could with two equal 1GB modules, although you have MB dujitsu ram more, but at the half of the DDR speed. Slow clocked dual core processor based on the Merom-2M core without virtualization functions. I have spent a lot of time benchmarking this notebook because I personally think that the Xi is a great gaming machine for a great price.


Bluetooth is very popular in Europe and I really like it myself. Who is online Users browsing this forum: The Xi, my The connection is good and fast. While playing Oblivion for two hours the CPU temperature was 56 degrees maximum.

The old saying “Never judge a book by its cover” is very apt for the Amilo Xi Power Cinema gives you the opportunity to watch movies and listen to music without booting Windows.

The screen has excellent viewing angles, so watching a DVD with your friends will be easy on this notebook.

You could notice some heat, but it was definitely nothing to worry about. Fujitsu Siemens Xi Source: Closer look at the num pad, notice the small shift button next to the enter view large image. The rather attractive price gets you an excellent T processor with ufjitsu. The inch Super-TFT screen is impressive, offering lots of detail and good contrast. I could also use this function and lower the brightness of the screen and I am sure that I could easily push 2 and half hours out of the full battery.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 1526 Review — Page 3

In the case of dual channel design, the intended target is the memory controller, Actual results Tom’s Hardware found no significant difference between single-channel and dual-channel configurations in synthetic and game benchmarks using a “modern” system setup. Board index All times are UTC. When I received this notebook I was afraid that the notebook would overheat.


The adapter is pretty big but normal for a desktop replacement like the Xi view large image. I still do not recommend you taking this notebook to college every day; it will hurt your back after a while. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

Following is a full review of the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi notebook. Dual-channel architecture is a technology embraced by motherboard manufacturers and does not apply to memory modules.

It has a range of only 2 metres, not very much. Techradar With HDMI output, firewire a sleek touch sensitive media control bar and Intel Centrino 2 technology — so you get Wireless-N and also Bluetooth — the Amilo is perfect for anyone wanting big entertainment on a sensible budget.

Here are the results of the TE running at full vujitsu. This notebook has an Express Card slot that is normally occupied by the remote control.