Found on very few PC motheboards. This is list can be built with this script below: So you don’t even need the newest kernel to get your wireless running. For more information on Intel Wireless products, please visit Intel Wireless. Thanks for your post, however I am having difficulties to makes works my card agn from Intel. In order to function correctly the driver requires this to be enabled in your kernel.

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49665 on the Lemote Yeeloong and embedded devices. I really don’t know what’s this “injection” or “aircrack” that you speak of, but in my case, I’m checking the driver’s homepage on a weekly basis and when there’s a new version I download it and replaced itel older one that’s working in my system BTW that’s what “make uninstall” is fornamely to delete previously installed modules.

You don’t need the iwlwifi driver to run this, although it’s also supported.

Using initramfs instead of mkinitrd for example. This Howto assumes a 2. Then do a “tar xvf” for the iwlwifi driver.

iwlwifi – Debian Wiki

I also understand that there is a non-free driver available from Intel, is it easier to use this method for getting the wireless working? I have debian 2. To find which package provide a given firmware file, you can use this search page: Firmware last modified deblan Is there some information anyone can recommend that is nice and up to date? We appreciate all feedback, but cannot reply or give product support.


Linux* Support for IntelĀ® Wireless Adapters

So you don’t even debin the newest kernel to get your wireless running. I made everything you said but when I do a “make” on the step 8 8.

Show all Show less. These Core releases can be very useful for someone who wants to integrate our Wi-Fi solution into his home made system. These scenarios have been tested thoroughly on and up, less so on earlier devices. As I don’t think I have the history with Linux to know what methods I should be using and what methods may be out of date. Everything needed for the ipw is in the debian repos in contrib. Also note that using 40MHz and not 20MHz channel bandwidth will increase the probability to suffer from platform noise since more 496 might impact the Wi-Fi performance.

To report a bug or issue, follow the guidance on the bugs and support page.

Your card is quite old, I mean there is existing drivers for long and its well supported This can happen, for example, with wireless network cards which often require non-free firmware to function see ipw for an example.

If you configure the kernel yourself, make sure firmware loading is enabled. The wireless device requires firmware to operate. Select all m-a a-i ipw This command will unpack the ipw package, compile it, make a package out of it and install on your system. This table contains only the first official firmware version released, which is only guaranteed to work with the kernel version specified in the table.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Updating firmware Firmware can be updated using fwupd or various vendor-specific methods. This means that the bleeding edge of the backport tree will run against decently recent kernel usually against Linus’s tree. Monitor sniffer – see note. EFI wikipedia Found on: In these situations, drop to the console and manually mount see mount 8 your removable storage on a temporary directory e.

You have the older version of the wireless chip, the ipw Just type in “modprobe mac” and there you have it. This is why some people may face issues with devices that are handled by iwldvm. I assume if you compile and load it for 2.