The thing to keep in mind is that he was a pretty decent driver. As far as numbers go I would say he is definitely toward the top of talent we have right now. Which car is the most overrated in history? He actually won a lot of races in his career, especially earlier on. Truck Series champ Moffitt released by team 23d.

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Did the communist east create the question mark to confuse the american citizens of things that don’t exist?

Is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. the most overrated NASCAR driver of all time? | Yahoo Answers

What is your opinion on nascar and formula 1 races? Yes but look at why. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? He will get caught up in a wreck or do something stupid almost every race. Only 30 have won 26 times. Jr’s only run 2 full seasons in the Busch Series wasn’t Nationwide at the time he ran themand won titles in both earhnardt them.

A woman, shaking in her Intimidator apparel, told him, “I’ve always wanted to meet your daddy but never have. He is not the most overrated of all time, not even the most overrated today. What driver are Dale Jr.

Any time you watch a race and “June-bug” is out front the race becomes the Dale Jr. For those who question his ability to drive, I found video of Jr testing a Holden Commodore from the Austrailian V8 Supercar series, on a road course with the steering wheel and shifter on the wrong side of the car and doing very well.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick top list of most overrated NASCAR drivers

Which car is the most overrated in history? Somehow, amid it all, Junior also became his own man. It seems that Dale Jr.

You dismissed this ad. Carl Edwards has 16 wins in 4 years, mist is 4 wins a year! You might as well concede to the fact that Junior is overrated he is claimed to be a good driver but is lucky to be mediocre, I would put him in the category with Kevin Harvick as two of the most overrated active drivers in the sport today!! On Tuesday morning I was jarred out of my slumber not by an alarm clock or a wakeup call. This is about health and wellness and wanting to start a family.

Who likes Dale Earnhardt Jr.?? Kurt Busch, sponsor earnhartd to Ganassi for ’19 25d. Not even close, hell he’s not even the most overrated driver right now Bowyer and Kahne take that honor.

NASCAR – Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s retirement announcement brings mixed emotions

Even as his star rose with unexpected speed, he tried really hard. But he also admitted a tinge of struggle with it all. How many more migrant children is the U. Its hard not to see him as overrated if earnharet comparing him to his father. He heard oberrated as a grown-up, an accomplished career racer, every time he slipped into a winless drought on the racetrack — even those that were punctuated by tragedy or injury.


NASCAR Cup Series: Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. both overhyped and underrated?

That never happened to Dale Sr. If I were to pick who is the most overrated right now, that would have to be Logano.

I have to earnhsrdt to Winter Glory yes he has the same numbers as Kenseth but no title, I’d give it to Junior in that matchup because Kenseth had the one good championship year he is a little overrated, however there are a lot of drivers racing right now better than him, he is on the best team in Nascar Hendrick Motorsports so there is no excuse for his mediocrity, he was the worst driver in the chase last year!!

But there are dozens of drivers that are more overrated than that.

Is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. People have been slinging that sludge at him nearly since the day “Junior” was typed onto his birth certificate. When asked why, he kept going back to the people who were dependent on his racing, from the employees at Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsport to the fans who voted him Most Popular Driver a record 14 consecutive times.

The “most popular” driver gets a lot of attention. Partly because of the media.