Burst 2 mode will take two shots consecutively, with an interval between shots of 0. Click to play movie 6. Multi Burst mode captures an extremely rapid frame burst of low-resolution images, at a selectable rate of 7. It’s only 3x, and a little more would be nice. Here are the interesting ones:

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Canon EOS 80D Below the Mode dial and adjacent to the Menu and Display buttons, this five button control pad features four arrow keys and a center “OK” button. I don’t know about others, but IE 5. This limits the digital zoom range based on the currently-selected image size, with maximum zoom only available at the smallest image size.

Check the Compatible Accessories and Lens for a Camera.

Click on one any of the thumbnails below for a larger view. The “T” side zooms dssc, the “W” side zooms out. If you take a lot of movies, you should invest in a memory stick with more memory I have a which suits me fine.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72 3.2MP Digital Camera – Silver

The LCD menu system offers the following options:. Can my camera take photos in RAW format? You’ll get a scrollable list of information that you can see dxc.

I highly recommend buying a 64MB card at the very minimum. The basic photo information shown on the LCD is very limited.


Outdoors, color was very good, although Caucasian skin tones tended to be a little pink. Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

The DSC-P72 gives you whopping 3. Support by Sony mobile app: Under the Picture Effects setting, you can record images in black and white or sepia monochrome, or select the Solarize or Negative Art options. Cybeshot them to jakeller pair.

The other choices are all scene dcs, where the camera chooses the best settings for each situation. A shutter-like, retractable lens cover protects the lens whenever the camera is powered off, flipping quickly out of the way when the camera is turned on again.

Below I listed my top pros and cons of the camera: Burst 2 mode will take two shots consecutively, with an interval between shots of 0.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72

Pressing the “T” side of the same control lets you zoom in on an image, up to 5x. This distortion is visible as a slight colored fringe around the objects at the edges of the field of view on the resolution target.

To see it, you must keep holding down the shutter release button when you take the photo. In Twilight mode, dcs were bright only as low as one foot-candle 11 luxwhich is about equivalent to average city street lighting at night. A sliding plastic door protects the compartment, and features a latch that prevents it from cgbershot flying open while shooting. There are also some other resolutions that I’ll cover when I get to the menus in just a second.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72 Specs – CNET

How did they do it? Exposure is automatically controlled at all times on the DSC-P72, great for novices and casual users looking for simplicity. I guess it’s for those people interested in very short stop motion animation movies.

See my Battery Shootout page for the latest info on which NiMH batteries have the highest capacities. This isn’t one of those “plug right into the wall” chargers — you’ll have to plug the AC cable into it.

I think this camera is very robust and easy to use, being indicated for beginners, but it have several features and can be used for advanced photographers too, with good pictures. The arrow keys navigate through any settings menu, and the OK cyberhsot confirms menu selections.