Power off your device. But, wireless is not wrking. Should I load up the virtual machine and grab it? Since we are closest with b43 and not wl, let’s troubleshoot from there: Happy as Larry now, if you can get hold of a usb wifi adapter it may work for you to? Is there a reasonable guide on using ndiswrapper? I’ve seen that it’s possible to install bit drivers on bit Ubuntu Very doubtful in the case of wireless.

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Let’s just verify which exact device you have and a few other details so we can decide if STA is correct. Let’s be sure Network Manager alone is in control here: Looking at the dump I see its driver is b I’ve done all the greps and diagnostics and had similar results. Here’s what nm-tool kicked back. How to Install Drivers After you have found the right driver for your device and operating system, follow these simple instructions to install it.

DriverGuide maintains an extensive archive of Windows drivers available for free download. I was following this thread with great inerest as i have a smilar problem. Figured out my problem with that error message. Should I load up the virtual machine and grab it? I suggest you remove them as NM usually does a good job all by itself.


Broadcom BCM4321 Drivers Download

And they’re fresh installs so I don’t even know how they could be my fault lol. If not, we may try the latest version of the sta wl driver from here http: Gcm4321, save and close gedit.

Unsure of what to do. Wireless networking is generally not available in a virtual machine.

Power off your device. I have no idea. I’ve seen that it’s possible to install bit drivers on bit Ubuntu Very doubtful in the case of wireless. I had a couple of adaptors from other projects so I tried them 1 a bg the other a bgn both worked without any use of the terminal. I must agree that I was quite perplexed with the fact that it was doing more with what I thought to be no drivers than with.

Still no networks detected. Without bcmwl-kernel-source, what was driving it?

BroadCom BCM BCM WIFI Wireless WLAN Card Windows Drivers Download | OS-STORE BLOG

I wonder, but doubt, if fixing the udev rule might help. I see a few minor points: I wonder if the Broadcom All-in-one installer has them. Nothing is locked up, but nothing is happening either. Let’s make sure your interface is eth1, the usual for the STA driver: Usually, it produces a fine result; cbm4321 not.


BroadCom BCM94318 BCM4318 WIFI Wireless WLAN Card Windows Drivers Download

I can’t connect It just attempts to connect ad infinitum and telling me “authentication is required by wireless network” periodically. Exactly as the title says.

Assuming you have bit Please bcm421 so we have a clean slate. Double click the driver download to extract it. Frankly, I still don’t see anything to fix. It’s just running on its own for the purposes of this troubleshooting. Do you mean Ubuntu is running in a virtual machine within Windows??