Do you know where i can download something similar for the MPK49 Controller? It might be worth emphasising in your instructions that the sequence of actions required in XP at least is: Marc Ainsworth Friday, October 25, at 9: Also, I want to set Kong up where the pads are assignable to different drum sounds, but the mapping doesn’t appear to let me do that. Then save the file, re-open Reason, and see if it works. This allows for even more control of settings like No need to worry.

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The Mini editor doesn’t respond to preset changes when it’s open with Reason alongside it. The steps described below mni be followed for mapping nearly any parameter in Reason to any knob or fader on the MPK controller. Simply choose which bank 1,2,3,4 you want to overwrite, and use their app to load the preset file.

The presets, preset names, and order of presets may vary depending on the specific model.

Please see the ‘Customisation’ section and the link provided in the post above. Maybe try going through the steps again, one at a time, perhaps you missed something? Basse Sunday, January 18, at 4: Zbieracky Tuesday, July 10, at 8: Posted by meowsqueak at If you don’t have the older version, these instructions may not work for you. If anyone has the reasno app and can write out the mappings that would be really useful, and I’ll add them to the main post.



Click apply in the bottom right of the window. It’s been very useful. Reuben Butchart Tuesday, March 20, at 6: ThaYoost Monday, December 24, at I’ve loaded your presets and they seem to work great otherwise. You should get min green “Upload Successful” dialog.

Problems with remote mapping on Akai MPK mini –

SCF Thursday, Reasno 28, at 2: Do you mean “directory”? Are you using Reason 6. I’ve found that if I set up the MPK Mini as a generic control surface as illustrated in this video the sustain button seems to work just fine: Subtractor and modify it to map the controls as you prefer.

For example, I used to have erason m-audio controller that came with maps for reason, cubase, ableton and a couple of others. Perhaps double-check that you completed all the steps of the installation, and make sure you close Reason and restart it.

The Win7 path is: Hi Monsieur, sorry to hear that. Hey meowsqueak and Rueben!


Press the right arrow key until the display reads Clock Source: Get a Windows Explorer window open, then at the top left above the folders list, click on Organize. Go in there, find the Propellerhead folder and in there will be the Remote folder. Substitute with whatever your ‘main disk’ is called – I don’t know what Apple calls it on the Air, but it will be something When this is complete, the display will read. Ensure there is a check in the box next to Use with Reason.

Also if you edit the file, make sure you don’t accidentally remove tabs or turn them into spaces. At least with a list I could manually program the editor.

It’s awesome and it taught me about stuff I didn’t know in the process. Also, right clicking on any knob in Reason and selecting “Edit Remote Override Mapping” will allow you to assign it to a knob on the controller.